Brito 4

It’s more than just 4 walls, It’s a home for  25 more children! Each month there are 10-15 more children that the family judges contact us about needing a loving, safe home. Our goal is to have 6 homes that each care for u... More

Niños Amados

When you give where it’s needed most you’ll help to restore and empower kids to rise above poverty. Your gift will go where it will make the biggest difference, meeting urgent needs that might otherwise go unmet. Your gift... More

New Truck For Haiti

  Transportation on LaGonave is a critical element to accomplishing our mission of helping those in need. Having a solid working vehicle to transport materials, food and visiting mission teams is vital to our mission. The... More

Phase 1 Solar Panel

Phase 1 Solar Panel Project: These solar panels will power both the clinic and the school. Total Cost is $4,000. 00. More